WSVS Southside’s Voice of Service

Just a heads up.. Tune into WSVS 97.1 FM / 800 AM on your local radio dial tomorrow morning (I’m guessing 6am to 9am) for my audition/return to Southside’s Voice of Service!

I’m excited and very nervous. If everything goes well tomorrow, I will return on Thursday morning. Then Monday through Thursday next week.

Some of you may remember my time on the air at WSVS back in 1986-1987 when I did the Sunday Morning Gospel Show before I left for the Air Force. Though my duties this time around will be slightly different, but I will get some air time. Here’s a picture of from the summer of 86 (I believe) Taken by Tony Tucker.








How this came to be: This past Sunday morning a customer came into the store and began a conversation with me. She asked if I knew of anyone who might be interested in working at the radio station since one of their most beloved employee’s Chuck Hammer had recently passed away. I couldn’t do much but smile and respond basically “Wow! You’re in luck” and proceeded to tell her of my past experience at WSVS which lead to the interview today with her and the big boss man CJ.

I went there thinking I’d probably be doing the same stuff I did before. Which was basically babysitting the station, making sure it stayed on the air, maybe cutting a few commercials, recording the weather and operating the board during remote broadcasts. Maybe even lend a hand with their computer stuff with my mad nerd skills. But apparently it’s going to be a little bit more, to include news gathering and reporting. This should be fun since I rarely ever pay attention to the news and frankly we could be at war and I’d probably not know it until a large mushroom cloud appeared on the horizon or my internet service (movie watching) was interrupted.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year.. (sigh)

Well last years new years post I said I hoped that it would be a better year. There were some highs and lows. New job, got a boat, dated a couple people and caught some fish. Though 2015 seemed to have flown by so I must of been having fun somewhere or I just slept through it. We’ll see what this year has in store.


Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to all.

Worked today, 7am to 4pm.. Had a steady flow of people starting around 8am. Did 445 transactions. It was 70 degrees with cloudy skies for the better part of the day. I did see the sun for a few minutes around 9am. It was just funny that it’s been 70 during the day and mid to upper 60’s over night. So much for a white Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Was invited to the firehouse to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of the “family”. I went, ate a little bit. RC wasn’t there, nor was Steven so I felt like an outcast. Everyone was laughing and having fun. Couples and families. It was too much for me to take so I left.


October 2015

Guess what .. It’s October. For those that don’t follow my blog October is this blogs anniversary and the anniversary for me being the “creepy camper” guy. October 2nd (tomorrow) marks another year since Annette passed and another year since my divorce.

October is probably my least favorite month but the only bright side about the month is Halloween. Probably my only favorite holiday. Though I can’t figure out why because I usually shut off all the lights and hide anyway.

OK, Yearly progress report. The blog is still up. Vegas I and II are hibernating because they generated too much heat during the summer months. So I’m still on the smaller Dell for the time being. I’ve had a couple hardware failures here and there but nothing major. I haven’t added or changed anything regarding software.

The camper, still in good shape. Had a couple water leaks that I’ve had to repair around the skylights and replaced the 50 gallon fresh water tank because it sprung a leak which almost turned my bedroom into an indoor pool.

Myself.. There wasn’t any real drama this year. I changed jobs. The Sheriff still won’t give me my old job back. I dated 3 people this year. Actually just “dated” 1 person, the second person I’m still trying to figure that one out and one I had to do my Forest Gump imitation (RUN FOREST RUN).

I got the pontoon back into the water, did some fishing. Found a new boat, restoring it. Then did some more fishing.

I did win the lottery a few times this year. A couple dollars here and there on the big games. My boss thinks I’m nuts because I kept screaming “Woot! I won 200 pennies” every time I win. Then I did hit my pick 3 187 a couple times this year for $40 each and recently I hit one of my pick 4’s for $200. I am buying a motor for my boat with the pick 4 money. My other pick 4 has been close for the past 2 nights missing it by just 1 number 2 nights in a row so I know it’s coming.

Ok, that’s enough for now.. I’ll save the rest for the New Year post.


Did I mention the fucking rain..